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Introducing the Shure SM7dB

We're excited to introduce the new Shure SM7dB Dynamic Vocal Microphone!

The SM7dB is the same iconic SM7B microphone that you know and love, now with the addition of a custom Shure-designed built-in preamp.


Shure engineers have painstakingly ensured that the same iconic SM7 sound lives on with the SM7dB, whether you've activated the built-in preamp, or not. That iconic sound is always ready, whenever you are.


The Shure-designed built-in preamp has been designed to provide up to +28dB of configurable gain so that the SM7dB is compatible with virtually any audio interface. No inline preamp is required.

Want to learn more about the new SM7dB? Check out our unboxing video on YouTube, or message us for more details on this game-changer!

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