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Introduction to Geer Tech!

What's Geer Tech, anyways?!?

After 28 years, we are happy to announce an update of the Audio Geer name, to Geer Tech. Here's a quick FAQ:

Why would you update your name, when the Audio Geer brand is so well known?

When we started the company 28 years ago, our focus was audio/music products exclusively. Over the past couple of decades, we've built a team with talent in multiple disciplines, adding value and expertise across many channels. We are heavily project-based, where audio-meets-video-meets-lighting-meets-IT is in virtually everything we do. We are proud to provide our resources to a wider variety of companies these days, adding synergy along the way.

When will this take place?

We will be rolling it out smoothly through the Spring of this year. There is no rush from our perspective, and there are some that have known the Audio Geer name for so long that they may just stick to it. That's ok too!

Are there things to consider, like legal details, invoicing, contracts, etc.?

No, Geer Tech is a simple DBA of Audio Geer, Inc. so there will be no need for updates in contracts, ACH details, invoicing, etc.

Can I continue using the email address[es]?

Yes! We aim to make the transition seamless for all of our business partners. Our emails will flow to both domains for the foreseeable future, as will the Audio Geer website.

There are a couple of other exciting aspects to this transition as well, which we will share soon!

Please give us a ring if you have questions or comments!

(714) 960-0600

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